House Rules

These Rules Are NOT All Inclusive
  1. Courtesy will be shown to other Bingo Players and Fire Department Personnel. DO NOT harass the caller or the Volunteers working the offices and/or floor or other BINGO Players.
  2. No one under 16 Years of age is permitted in the BINGO HALL. Persons over 16, but under 18 years of age may play BINGO only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Under State Gaming Laws Instant Pull Tabs are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to MINORS (Proof of age required). This constitutes sales to or playing of the instant games.
  4. Any persons playing BINGO and Instant Pull Tabs MUST have an admission ticket completely filled out to include: Name, Address, and Zip Code. Winners will not be paid without an admission ticket and it must be filled out properly and legible.
  5. Seating may be saved until 6:45 P.M. Priority (for those with disabilities) seating is reserved until 7:15 P.M.
  6. In an effort to accommodate all, a minimum of 4 persons per 8 foot table will be strictly enforced, when the attendance reaches above 120 admissions.
  7. Monitors are there for your convenience. No numbers are valid until called.
  8. A REGULAR BINGO is five (5) in a row (Horizontal, Diagonal, or Vertical), four inside corners, four outside corners, or a postage stamp. A SMALL DIAMOND can only be included during a double.
  9. You DO NOT need the last number called for a winning BINGO.
  10. Instant Pull Tabs winning tickets will only be redeemed on the night played prior the announcement of "All Instant Games are CLOSED". Serial numbers on cards MUST match games for that night. At no time shall Bingo Cards or Instant Pull Tabs from another BINGO Hall be honored.
  11. If you have a BINGO, please yell loudly to get the callers attention. If the caller does not hear you, the next number will be called.
  12. Absolutely NO GLUE on the TABLES.
  13. Absolutely NO PROFANITY will be tolerated.
  14. Ink daubers must be used to mark your cards. Absolutely NO BINGO's WILL BE ACCEPTED SHOWING PENCIL OR PEN with the exception of the Progressive Lucky 7 Game.
  15. For courtesy of others Pagers and Cell Phones must be TURNED OFF or SILENCED.
  16. Unfortunately we are unable to please everyone! The thermostat is permanently set at 72 Degrees. If you are cold-natured, please dress accordingly.
  17. Please place all your trash in the bags provided for you and at the end of the night place the bag on top of the table.
  18. The Ball Timer is set for each game and will not be changed. Please buy your cards accordingly.
  19. By Virginia Law the Lucky 7 Progressive Pot will NOT exceed $5000. Consolation Prize and Progressive Roll-over will be 50% of tonight's take NOT to exceed $100 for each.
  20. In the event we do not have a minimum of 120 Admissions, sold the Pay-outs will be reduced to 75%. This will not effect the Lucky 7, Winner Take All nor the Jackpot.
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