Benefits of Volunteering

You receive the following benefits as a member of the OWLVFD:

1. Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP). The LOSAP program ‘awards’ the long serving member of the Department with a financial reward. The program pays you a monthly stipend at age 60 based on the number of years you are an active member. You have to be an active member for 5 years in order to ‘vest’ 50% of the payment. At 10 years of service, you are 100% vested in the program. You will receive $10 per month for each year you are active member. For example, if you are an active member for 20 years, you will receive $200 per month at age 60.

2. Training. All of your training is free. We do not charge you for classes to obtain or maintain certifications. The majority of all available classes in the Fire and Rescue service can be obtained in the county. We do sponsor members to conferences and other education programs outside of the county.

3. Uniforms. We provide you all of your uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This equipment can cost in excess of $2,000 dollars. We expect you to take very good care of it. It will protect you if you protect it.

4. Personal Property Tax. If the title is in your name, you can choose one vehicle to be tax-free in Prince William County, Manassas City of Manassas Park. You will also receive a free county sticker if you live in Prince William County.

5. Worker’s Compensation. If you are injured or become ill while on duty, our workmen’s compensation protects you from lost wages if you lose time from your job.

6. Live-in program. If you are eligible, you can live in the existing dorm rooms of the station and save the cost of rent or a mortgage.

7. Pride, Comaraderie, Respect, Service to the Community. You can’t put a price on the sense of belonging to one of the finest volunteer fire and rescue services in the United States. You will never forget the satisfaction you experienced responding to a need for service. Regardless if you are firefighter, emergency medical technician, boat operator, battalion chief, ambulance driver, or call the bingo numbers, you will touch the lives of those in the community that depend on you to be the best trained and equipped member possible.

8. Job skills. Many of our members use the skills obtained and honed as a member of the Department at their jobs. Many of our members accept career positions in other jurisdictions and continue to protect their neighbors in Woodbridge. Most of us never tire of the commitment.

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