Become A Member

The application process is as follows:

  1. You apply for membership.
  2. You meet with the membership committee at Company Meeting. Company Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month at Station 2 (1306 F. Street, Woodbridge). Perspective members are asked to arrive by 7:30 pm.
  3. You attend a New Member Orientation (Meeting).
  4. If you are eligible for membership, the Membership Committee will recommend to the Board of Directors that you be voted in to the Department as a Probationary Member.
  5. Upon being voted in as a Probationary Member the OWL VFD requires a physical examination for anyone interested in becoming an Active Operational Member.

Candidate's history must be free from:

  1. Felony convictions of any type. (The Virginia Office of Emergency Services does require fingerprints to be submitted for a Criminal Background Check. The department will do the fingerprinting. In addition, the OWL VFD may conduct a background check through another service.)
  2. Two (2) or more moving violations, while operating a motor vehicle in the Commonwealth of Virginia, or any State, within one (1) year prior to his/her application. (The department will conduct a driving record check.)
  3. Excessive use of alcohol.
  4. Use of drugs, other than for treatment as prescribed by a licensed Doctor of Medicine.
  5. Dishonorable discharge from any police department, fire department or any branch of the Armed Forces.
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